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Strange or unusual. Used often in the 6th series of Doctor who by the 11th Doctor, first used by the 10th Doctor in the series 3 episode "Blink."
The wibbly lever.
by AnimalCrosser5 August 06, 2011
A condom.
"Have you got any wibblys?"


"Erm.. i have blueberry flavoured wibblys?"

"What should i do with the wibbly packet?"

"This wibbly has expired."
by boogiejiz July 08, 2009
Small deformed black person testicles that have hair growing only on the left nuts side.
"Mmmmm, that boy is sexy."Girl#1 said "don't do it girl that boy got wibblies!" Girl#2 said.
by PeterL727 May 10, 2010
the combination of wiggly and wobbly
Dude, your cheeks are SO WIBBLY.
by Brenda Gee November 09, 2008
language spoken by jonathon ross
wiblle wobble wibb wibb wibb wibbly jonathon woss
by The Rasmus May 06, 2004
Noun - an esoteric and often misunderstood form of oral sex. It is horrifying yet tantalizing, violent but sensual. Some believe that the name comes from the world "wiggly," but most etymologists reject this as a false provenance. Seriously, nobody knows what the fuck it means.
"so this chick gave me wibbly the other night and now my urethra feels like shredded cheese but MAN was it good while it lasted."
by GdsnDnGrs August 27, 2008
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