An interrogative sentence marker.
Why is it impossible to submit a definition for "bender" on Urban Dictionary?
by Loki the Croaky April 12, 2005
What Nancy Kerrigan said way to much.
Nancy (weeping): Why?...Why? Why?...Why? Whywhy? Why?
by pakkitmAn July 20, 2004
An much overused question, usually with a really obvious answer.
They: 'She left me for a BarristerWhy?'
You: 'Because you an a Barista'
by little-miss can't do wrong September 13, 2011
what have you. often used in buy, sell and trade adds.
1991 nissan for sale. will swap toyota or WHY
by nilall January 28, 2011
1.)A question that many ask but no one knows the answer to.
2.)If you find the answer to why, please tell me, Dar to the E with a side of P.
3.)A way to keep a wetard busy.
Why, God! Why, did you make me specialererist?
by Darnie April 08, 2003
because i fucking said so
fuck you i said so
by majesticfuckingpineapple June 01, 2014
Interjection, usually shouted into the sky at a superior being.
by jmphil94 March 30, 2010

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