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The savior beer of all people who don't have $10 to spend for a six pack. Will run you about 12 a six pack and will fuck you up quick as shit. Has 5.9% alcohol per volume but tastes as good as budweiser. The prefered drink of high school and college students, and poor people alike.
Let's buy some Natty Ice. I can't afford Bud Heavy tonight, and we need to get fucked up.
by beer December 21, 2003
A very cool cat.
Hi Sebbie.. did you have a nice nap?
by beer September 25, 2003
It means Vagina, plain and simple.
Her nickname is coonie
by beer April 02, 2005
Acronym: Sex Through Rings Of Fire Every Night.
Man, we were Strofen.
by beer March 10, 2005
Why not?
Why not?
by beer September 25, 2003

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