Jonathan "Yoni" Wolf. A very talented hip-hop artist. Often collaborates with Adam Drucker, better known as Doseone]. Signed to the Anticon record label.
Why? Is very underrated. Why? I don't know why.
by TheVoiceOfReason July 25, 2006
The word that means "y" must really be a vowel.
Either that, or some words have no vowels... why? Nobody knows.
by ~The Nameless One~ June 01, 2005
Perhaps one of the more interesting words used in the english language denoting a curiosity as to what makes the action being questioned occur. This is only, however, relevant on earth as the tralfamadorians as well as sundry other worlds know that moments are just structured to be and cannot and should not be explained.
"Why?" "Shut up earthling."
by jackson B June 28, 2006
The Question! Women Love to ask this!

Why is it that birds can migrate as a family, but a human always feels they have to ruckus first?

Why do football players look so smexy in tights, but male ballet dancers look just as smexy and athletic and get called gay?

Why is maple sugar taste so good, but molasas have a bitter sweet taste?

Why do people feel the need to play shady and gradey?

Why does gardinia and tea olive make my nose tickle?
Just Why?

Why is they sky not really blue?

Why do you run and blame me?

Why are you so angry at people?

Why does a duck waddle when it walks?

Why do guys like anal? doesn't that make them gay when the women can't anal plug them back?

Why are you a pillow bitter?

Why can't you bring the show out of the box?

Why do men like to jack off goats and watch horses bend women over fences?

Why this site?

Why bother?

Why is heliotrope one of the most beautiful colors in the world?

Why not just say it Fred-erick?
by Physics4themasses May 22, 2010
1. what you scream during high school chemistry.

2. what you scream during a white supremacists meeting

3. what you scream when Tom Cruise talks about Scientology

4. what you scream when any body does something incredibly stupid, like look up "WHY!" on an urban dictionary.
"whats the definition of why?"

(quick pause)

by CaptianTrips November 28, 2009
There are no answers to why questions. So don't bother asking them, there will just be a never-ending onslaught of questions, somewhat similar to asking someone to count to the highest number.
Kid: Why did you ride your bike?
Sister: Because I don't have a car.
Kid: Why don't you have a car?
Sister: Because I can't afford one
Kid: Why can't you afford one?
Sister: Because I don't have a job.
Kid: Why don't you have a job?
Sister: Because I spend all my time smoking crack.
Kid: Why do you smoke crack?
Sister: .....
by sister. August 08, 2007
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