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A small box that charges 25 cents to kill you. Anyone using it has two options either a laser gun that kills you quick and easy or lots of barbaric weapons to kill you slowly and painfully.
Hey why aren't those people coming out of that phone booth?
That's not a phone booth. It's a suicide machine.
Ohh, good invention.
by Darnie August 24, 2004
1. To remove one's own genitals with a knife or their teeth.
I will self castration myself.
by Darnie June 25, 2004
1.) An eskimo wearing pnk pants living in the Saharra Desert.
2.) My fa-der....... yes.
My mom got knocked up by Jack the Rip-off, go figure.
by Darnie April 03, 2003
1.) A three syllabled phrase, usually said by retarded or mentally challenged children.
2.)A pointless phrase meaning absolutely nothing or everything.
Hey Dar ba lar! What the Dar ba lar are you Dar ba laringly Dar ba laring.
by Darnie April 03, 2003
The feeling of being betrayed or fucked.
This is really backstabtastic, Danny dumped me again.
by Darnie March 31, 2003
1.)A question that many ask but no one knows the answer to.
2.)If you find the answer to why, please tell me, Dar to the E with a side of P.
3.)A way to keep a wetard busy.
Why, God! Why, did you make me specialererist?
by Darnie April 08, 2003
1.)The opposing power to the force.
2.)The way Darnie says force
3.)One of the requirements to reach your Loopy-Dar
4.)The power a wetarded jedi uses
Dardge my scwartz, fiendarishtillistical Bo-Bo.
by Darnie April 08, 2003

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