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Like tourettes but instead of uncontrolled swearing sufferers display uncontrolled whoring.
She can't help being such a slut she's got whorettes.
by MasterfulP October 30, 2014
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A whore, who also happens to be a female.
Used in cases where a man whore is being considered.
Man A: I think we should get ourselves a whore
Man B: Ew, are you gay dude?!, let's get a whorette!
by golligysutton July 31, 2013
1. Like tourettes, whorettes is to describe someone who can't control the dirty (or pervertedly implied) things they say out loud. 2. Talking very explicitly to someone without stopping.
Guy 1: In order to do this right, you gotta put it in that hole right there---


Guy 1: Yo dude, that's like the 7th time you said that all day. Cut the whorettes shit.

Another example:

She had a bad case of whorettes, cause she kept telling me all the nasty-ass things she would do with my penis. And it was only the first two minutes of the conversation!
by ACityAftrUs September 21, 2009

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