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The way many people in areas as geographically disparate as Newfoundland, Canada and the white (whoite) population of western Alabama pronounce the world "white." It is said to be of Scottish-Irish origin.
People in Toronto think we Newfies are the whoite trash of Canada, but we really don't care.

Starving, poor white kid in western Alabama swatting flies off his arms and belly: "I'm hungry and them flies are everywhere!" "Shut up, son, at least you are whoite!"

Ol Alabama diddy from the 1940s: "Oh I may have a tumuh on me belly, at least I am whoite, I'm proud to be whoite!" (Saying "me belly" for "my belly" as recently as the 1940s leads credence to the belief that the 'whoite accent' of western Alabama is definitely British influenced (say, from 4-6 generations earlier).
by DFJD June 24, 2011

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