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Noun: An advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, especially one determined by race or sex
Adjective: Relating to or advocating the supremacy of a particular group
(source: Oxford Dictionary)
"The neo-fascists and white supremacists organized in groups like Hale's ‘Creativity’ movement are miniscule in number."
"They make clear their contempt for supremacist doctrine in ‘All the Young Fascists’."
by tsvoboda March 28, 2015
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One who wears Supreme and shows it off. A Supremacist acts like a homo by constantly showing Supreme off like a gay person shows off their sexuality. A supremacist will get butthurt when you say you don't like Supreme and will try to roast you but will fail when doing so.
That gay bitch Supremacist looks ugly af in that supreme.
by SpeedyVeneno May 22, 2017
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