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A term used to describe the white blindness experienced by a skier when making epic turns in deep, fresh, light powder. The skier's vision is completely obscured from snow kicked up by the skis, appearing as if he were inside a white room.
Michael: "Dude those were some rad turns on that run!"
Tom: "Yeah brah, I was in the white room the entire time!"
Together: "Sweet!"
by Emceeski1 May 20, 2011
When riding deep powder and you stop, turn, or do anything to cause the powder to engulf you, as if you are in a room of snow. The whiteroom also cuts off your vision when inside it, it is like being in a cloud.
Dude, I was stuck in the white room after stomping that cornice.

Ugh, I hate getting whiteroomed.
by as;dlkfjsdlkfsldfkj April 30, 2010