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WC is the first hamburger chain ever opened (1921 in Ohio). Burgers were 5 cents at the time. The building was designed to show strength and purity.
WC is located in 10 different states (MI, OH, IL, IN, NY, KY, TN, MO, MN). It is NOT the same as Krystal burger.
Cooked on a cushion of steaming onions, the little square burgers (with five holes for the steam go through so the burgers never have to be turned) are served up on little soft buns with pickle chips and mustard. If you order them "with everything," you get ketchup, too. You can order cheeseburgers and other miscellanea as well. The catch-phrase, "It's What You Crave," is apropos, as any Castle fan knows, they are addictive. It's the place you go to when you get kicked out of your wedding hall at 2 am, bars close, or you just need that taste.
They are easy to find in bad neighborhoods, you have to look a bit in the burbs (bad neighborhoods serve 'em up faster).
They can be sent packed in dry ice to other parts of the country, or you can find them in the freezer section. But, nothing beats them hot and fresh.
They used to be called sliders or gut bombs, but now they are trademarked as Slyders.
They are often purchased by the sack (10) or the case (30). After drinking too much, they are consumed in "time trials," to see the top speed for consuming a sack of 10.
When I visit Detroit, the first stop from the airport is the White Castle on Livernois and Warren Ave. Don't bring the good car.

"Yeah, lemme have 20 Castles with everything, two cokes, a shake, and onion chips."

by Karen E July 02, 2007
you or your friends pool house where you go to do things such as play poker or drink
"Hey man were going to white castle wednesday night"
by boothquake November 23, 2007
A nasty vermin infested crackhouse that helps the DEP stay in business.
If you think White Castle has the best burger in the Tri-State area you must stay stoned 24/7 you morons, or you just have not ever eaten at ANY other place that serves ahmburgers.
by nick123 June 10, 2006
Eng. - when one splooges repetivitly in one spot to from a castle of jiz. over time this hardens to form a upsidedown cone much like a stalagmite in a cave. One could enjoy playing with one, having splooge wars, or using it for erotic pleasures with someone from massachusetts.
Damnit my girlfriend left shit on my white castle.

Dude if you were hungry you could have gone to the fridge, i have been working on that for a year.
by Pooper scooper November 21, 2004
White Castle, a.k.a. Krystal in the Southern U.S. is place (I will not dignify it with the word 'restaurant') that is infamous for small, square burgers. Only severely retarded drifters and homless individuals are concsripted to work in these places.

The White Caste or Krystal Burger consists or a greasy, gristly, sickly-grey square slab of meat<sic> that is slapped on a square bun with onions and mustard and then immersed in boiling lard. There are variations of this gastronomical nightmare, but to describe them would be much too shocking for even this venue.

The only legitimate use for White Castle burgers is a medical one. If an individual is intoxicated, these burgers can be ingested and will immediately neutralize alcohol and induce sobriety because the human body detects a substance much more toxic than alcohol.
No Mum (retching), I haven't been drinking, my mates and I just stopped and ate some burgers at White Castle last night. That is the real reason I am driving the porcelain truck this morning.

There is even a movie about White Castle.
by Cosmicstargoat August 02, 2004
A magical land were all the little people live and the king of the white castle is sir eats alot. this place is so conceled that the only way to get there is to use the magical train of white royalty. the train man who is also Mr. White the uber kool super hero guards the train and he scores with all the chix. I heard that if u go to white castle the royal chef makes these tiny magic burgers which are so scrumshess. the prince of white castle is harold. and the general of its all mighty army is kumar. (not druv). so if u go to white castle can u please send me a picture or invite. THANX.

Man 1: Yo dude did u go to white castle before.

Man 2: Nah man they only let little silly people with fuzzy feet there like frodo.

Man 1: ohhh...... lets go back 2 my place nd watch some very homosexual porn
Man 1: Yo dude did u go to white castle before.

Man 2: Nah man they only let little silly people with fuzzy feet there like frodo.

Man 1: ohhh...... lets go back 2 my place nd watch some very gay porn
by Ceymore johnson March 22, 2005
When a guy is lying down with an erection which forms a 90 degree angle with his body. The tip of his penis is covered in semen, hence, a White Castle has been formed - def. by Dirty Ghee
"The worst happened last nite dude."
"Word? Whatup?"
"I'm layin' there all post-coital after beating it and my mom walks in while I'm still laying there all sweaty."
"Oh shit, that's wax."
"It gets worse- I dart my head up and realize I've got the white castle!"
"Oh my god! Wax like paraffin!"
"For real yo- shit was not hot"
by d.blaze April 03, 2003
A load of Cum shot into someones beer
I gave that bitch a White Castle & she hungrily guzzled it down with vengeance
by Doyle February 11, 2004