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Someone who is out of your league beautiful, educated, talented, admirable, driven, motivated, outgoing, fun, loving and happy. This is a person you not only admire but for the opposite sex it is similar to the unicorn but has a stronger meaning. A white buffalo is a rare breed. Anyone referred to as a white buffalo is well respected and rare to find. Hold on to a white buffalo if you can!
She is my white buffalo.
by rarebreedchick January 18, 2014
A rare human. That girl that you can't catch. She is unique, educated, funny, beautiful, stylish, excited, loving, personable, kind, and very rare. People view a white buffalo as "uncatchable". They want to love her and keep her. She is a blessing to them in every way possible. She requires effort and a lot of persistence. She is admired by all. Everyone wants to be someones white buffalo.
I have class with my White Buffalo!
by cobbersforlife January 21, 2014
A gorgeous person inside and out. White buffalo's define themselves through fashion and poise. They are untouchable. This girl is someone you would love to be just like. You love her fashion, beauty, education, personality and everything else. You want to catch her but she is unstoppable. She can go from a fashionista on the weekend with friends to creating a successful business plan. People adore anyone that is their white buffalo. She is seen as a goddess in many people's eyes. She is similar to the unicorn but if you believe this person is your one and only they are not your unicorn, they are your white buffalo. The white buffalo is unique in every way possible.
I can't believe I saw my white buffalo today!
by coffedrivengirl January 22, 2014
Akin to the usage of "Unicorn," White Buffalo refers to the Indigenous person who has it all together. A man who is educated, attractive, spiritually aware, culturally strong and still able to survive and thrive in urban environments. He is a Sacred Animal, the White Buffalo, and elusive to find.
"Jake knows how to hand-drum and order a cappuccino? Pretty sure he's the White Buffalo."

"Devon is dancing at the pow-wow this weekend after his university finals. You should snag him, he's a White Buffalo."
by deneinthecity August 22, 2015
Sexual slang for a large white penis. It originates from the Native American worship of rare white buffaloes. It is a tongue in cheek term, insinuating that large white penises are a rarity.
I hooked up last night with a guy and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had a white buffalo.
by Geosa Nadia October 29, 2015
The billowing cloud of (pot) smoke when you open the door of a van, car, bathroom, outhouse, etc, in which someone has been imbibing.
Spicoli and his buds were laughing pretty hard rolled out of the van with a white buffalo.
by jbszee November 02, 2008
speed, meth, chode, tina, shit
''I've been up for many moons and I am seeking the White Buffalo''
by NW insomniac February 03, 2008
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