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The act of having sex in a sleeping bag. Often because it is too cold to do it any where else. Difficult to perform well because of the limited space.

It bears some resemblance to the Kayak maneuver. There are invariably fluids deposited to the interior of the bag which are a minor annoyance, but which cannot be dealt with immediately. Often results in someone getting thrown out of the boat, much laughing and giggling by the participants, and jeers, applause and hoots by nearby campers.

Frequently performed by or with river guides, Climbing guides, etc.
Josh: "Sarah and I had an eskimo roll last night after the campfire burned down."

John: "Yeah. I know. Everyone in the tent was laughing. I guess it was your turn."
by jbszee July 15, 2009
The uncontrollable urge of a Goyim (gentile) to have sex with a Jewish person.
Me: Wow, Sarah Silverman is Hot! She gives me the Matzoh Fever.
Jimmy: Yeah, I know what you mean. I hope her pussy is Kosher, cuz I'd eat that any time.

by jbszee October 30, 2008
Similar to a conventional hickey, except the suckee is not aware the sucker is applying suction until it is too late, and the deed has been done. Frequently occurs because the suckee is in the throes of passion and does not notice what is happening. Ambush Hickey may be placed either in a highly visible or hidden location, depending upon the intentions of the sucker.
She was so into what I was doing that she didn't notice the Ambush Hickey I applied to her {cleavage}. The next day she discovered the mark, and she had to wear a turtleneck for the next week.
by jbszee February 05, 2013
The billowing cloud of (pot) smoke when you open the door of a van, car, bathroom, outhouse, etc, in which someone has been imbibing.
Spicoli and his buds were laughing pretty hard rolled out of the van with a white buffalo.
by jbszee November 02, 2008
A dog lurking around the kitchen or dining room, looking for ground score
That terrier is a real carpet shark. I dropped a hotdog, and she was all over it in a second.
by jbszee December 11, 2008
A lesbian who likes to go down on girls who are on their period. When they come up for air, they have blood on their face.
That girl is a real carpet shark. Don't let her find out your girlfriend is on the rag.
by jbszee December 11, 2008

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