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White fever get in your blood, man, it'll make you crazy. And you know they got them short little skirts nowadays and that uhh... What they call them, the thongs..., they got the thongs all up the booty crack and they got that sweet white nectar. After that it's over. You wake up and you don't even know what you done done. Just a pool of sweat around your ankles and a deep sense of satisfaction.
Kobe caught that white fever.
by No relation October 15, 2010
When an Asian woman is obsessed with dating/marrying a white man fir status, and thinks that hapa (Asian mixed with non-asian) babies are automatically 'cuter' than 100% Asian babies.
Asian woman to her Asian girlfriend 'ohhh, your new (dorky looking white guy) boyfriend is so handsome! How come all your new boyfriends have been you have white fever??'
by Lisa Evers February 01, 2016
When a black woman is extremely attracted to white guys or a black man extremely attracted to white girls and vice versa
Nia-damn all these white boys are fine as hell

Kourtney-you are maybe diagnosed with White Fever
by LA Rider May 04, 2016
When a black guy loves or only dates white blonde girls.
Jim: Daquan you really dating a white girl?
Daquan: hell yeah I got white fever
by KaliforniaNicole June 29, 2015
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