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Australian Broadband News and Forums, a great source to get information on broadband in Australia.
I went to whirlpool.net.au today
by NA November 10, 2003
When five or more people jizz into a washing machine while it is on, so that the clothes get semen stains on them
Hey Mike, I got a new pair of jeans" "Whirlpool at your house NIGGA!
by monkaytitays69 January 08, 2011
The truth about Australian broadband.
I spent three hours with Bigpond support reformatting my computer in an attempt to "fix" my email problems. It turns out their servers have been down for a week. I wish I'd checked Whirlpool first.
by Tory Troll November 12, 2003
The act of licking a butthole.
Dude, did you see that hot chick I was with last night! Totally whirlpooled her asshole.

You, whirlpooling son of a bitch!
by zen-pay November 07, 2007
The act of spinning your penis around just as you ejaculate.
Billy: I totally pulled out last night and whirlpooled all over Jenna.
by Dexamethazone September 09, 2008
A fun and simple pool activity where everyone forms a circle in the pool and runs as fast as they can in one direction and then everyone changes direction at the same time and try to run the other direction causing a whirlpool effect. This process is then repeated as much as desired. The more people the better the whirlpool!
Everyone form a circle in the shallow end and we'll make a whirlpool!

No dying in the whirlpool, please!
by The_Hawk August 09, 2009
The act of giving a blowjob underwater.
- Dude, we were in the hot tub, and we started to get into it!
- Did she Whirlpool you??

- Yeahh! it was amazing!
by Monsieur Pomme De Terre December 07, 2013