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Police Code for Murder
Callin 187 on a motherfuckin...COP! (Sublime, April 29, 1992)
by SmiwyROD May 26, 2010
To randomly put whatever you want in a bottle such as perfumes, hot sauces, candies, bodily fluids, bathroom or kitchen chemicals, etc. Then you shake it up and leave it in an undisturbed area for 2-3 weeks, then when you come back it could just be the most horrible and disgusting thing you will ever come across in your lifetime.
1. dude me and my friend made xperiments a couple weeks ago wanna go get it out?

2. Tommy and Joe were bored one day, so they made xperiments. Two weeks later Tommy drank it. Tommy didn't feel good after he drank it. Tommy had to get his stomach pumped. The doctor threw up because of all the horrible substances that were coming out of Tommy.
by SmiwyROD May 27, 2010
The act of shoving your chode inside a girls vagina, then scooping the vaginal fluids out, then making a circular figure out of the fluids on her stomach, creating a "whirlpool".
Try a whirlpool, if you have a chode.
by SmiwyROD June 06, 2010
The effect on ones after smoking pot chronic and lasts about two weeks. Being wetbrained causes random intervals of spacing, forgetfullness, stupidity, and occaisonally blackouts.
1. Hey can i copy your worksheet, im so wetbrained from last week...

2.Jeff: Gubhubhubuhublllll
Joe: Dude whats wrong?
Jeff: ghuhughuhuhnhunh
Joe: Oh thats right your wetbrained.
by SmiwyROD May 26, 2010

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