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A statement of confusion

An emphasis to "what"

Used when one is fucking pissed off

Can also be added to "who" "where" "why"... etc

Also used when one doesn't know what the fuck else to say
"What the fuck? Why did he do that?"

"What the fuck are we supposed to do for this assignment?"

"What the fuck does that little fucker think he's doing?!"

"Who the fuck is that? I've never seen him before"
"Where the fuck is this party?"
"Why the fuck do we have so much fucking homework?"

"Dude... what the fuck?"
by Meredith J November 29, 2006
50 20
a term which can only be proceeded by "PC load letter?" and is to be naturally follwed by "does that mean?"
PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?
by goat September 12, 2004
82 54
a phrase used when ever the fuck you want to use it.
what the fuck i sure could use a beer
by razzy raul March 01, 2004
87 59
An expression first coined in the 1983 movie "Risky Business" when supporting character Miles (played by Curtis Armstrong) tells the main character Joel (played by Tom Cruise) "Every now and then, say 'What the fuck.'" meaning throw caution to the wind and take a chance. This form is rarely used today, overtaken by the more prevalant meaning of surprise, disbelief or confusion.
Miles: Joel, let me tell you something. Every now and then, say "What the fuck." "What the fuck" gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future...
by Rick510 October 01, 2007
51 26
A saying used to express pissed-off-ness. Or it can be used when in disbelief.
"What the fuck, my cat got killed!!!"
"What the fuck was that thing that killed my cat?!"
by =C-O-B-A-N_I-M-E= January 29, 2004
48 32
An expression of extreme anger, shock, or disgust. Especially applicable when you discover an unwanted person hiding under your bed for the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of you.
Jay: (Hiding under the bed) "Hi Lance."
Lance: "WHAT THE FUCK??!!"
by Alex T. B. April 09, 2008
37 23
Usually said when something totally unbelievable happens, or utterly disgusting.
Man: You i read somewhere that Tom Green humped a dead moose.

Man 2: What the fuck?!?!

tom greenwhata fuck
by sebastiansilvera February 07, 2009
11 5