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Basically saying "What?" but with an accent to completely throw off whoever you are questioning within a conversation, debate, confrontation, argument, etc.

Making them look foolish.
Goon #1: "You gotta play defense nigga! Get up in his face and lock his ass down.

Goon #2: Whart?

Goon #1 (with a significant look of confusion and anger): huh?
by Kavoen July 19, 2010
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the new word for noob, noob is old and lame yell WHART!!!! it originates from some foreign gamers who cant spell "what"

Credits: SiNHaZe & SiNDirecT
Lmao! Nice try whart but you got whartrowned ahahaha
by [SiN]DirecT March 31, 2007
An adjective describing the process in which blondes attempt to think or brainstorm many ideas and their brain capablity is too limited to retain any information whatsoever; a blonde moment or brain fart; not understanding shit because of your hair color.
Barbie was wharting away as Ken tried to help her feed the dog because she was feeding him lettuce.

"Is this tuna or chicken?" Jessica Simpson wharted.
by connie-melissa May 24, 2005
The shortening of the phrase, "what the fuck?". If needed in a docile setting, a simple roll-of-the-tounge/whistle will suffice.
Boss: Are you working late tonight?
Empolyee: Whart! *walks away*
by Pseudo McPseudonym May 27, 2004

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