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to be just so fucked up that ur brain is completely unfunctional for a certain period of time.
Nigga im so zooted right....now...uhhh
by Kavoen November 05, 2006
One who is extremely black.
Damn look at that nigga, he akon black!
by Kavoen September 18, 2007
The three-day period in which you wait before adding someone on myspace who you have just met.
I knew that Christina had a myspace, but i've never met her. I just met her today so I have to wait out the myspace waiting period.
by Kavoen October 11, 2007
Basically saying "What?" but with an accent to completely throw off whoever you are questioning within a conversation, debate, confrontation, argument, etc.

Making them look foolish.
Goon #1: "You gotta play defense nigga! Get up in his face and lock his ass down.

Goon #2: Whart?

Goon #1 (with a significant look of confusion and anger): huh?
by Kavoen July 19, 2010

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