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a word that you call someone who is annoying as crap, looks lke a whale and always whines and complains
this person thinks she knows everything and acts like a know it all
she is fat and is just a waste of space
a nickname for whaline can be whalie 2!
Caroline: ooo miiii gooooshhhhh uhhh i'm sooooo fat.... uhhhh i don't hve n e moneyyy...... uhhhhhh mi lokkkr iz soooo stupiddd
Tanner: ooo shut up whaline no 1 lkes u

Caroline: heyyyyyyy
Mandy: hey whaliee
Caroline: what....
Mandy: ooo nuthinnn just inside joke
Caroline: ooo yea i know
Mandy: ummm not really....
Caroline: oo no i get it......
Mandy: GOSH whaline shut the frik up u fatso
by ticklemeblu May 15, 2011
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