Top Definition
an awsome hot guy whos sweet charming athletic and close to perfect
guy: i love u

girl: u r so a devonte
by bock23 August 22, 2008
A very smart boy who has a big penis in have all the thots but act shy all the time
Devonte is fun and have a big penis
by Emily Martinez May 14, 2015
A light skinned tall nigga with a bad attitude and a thot. Who claims he has all the hoes and does not .
Devonte you got all the hoes
by Lady.savag3 April 05, 2015
see; loser
someone that trys extremly hard but never seems to achieve the respect he desprately kisses ass to get. It's a vicious cycle indeed..
john: you see that new guy he's really annoying...

jane: yeah he's such a devonte

john: let's have sex

jane: okay!
by marty nichs June 12, 2008
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