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When someone goes into you on a water slide. e.g the rapids, lots of people go down at the same time and someone gets crushed

Extreme Whaling: a very big person squishing you
Dude 1: aww dude, he just got whaled, did you see how squished he was?
Dude 2: yeah i know,those water slide rapids can be brutal
by MARVIN123 April 13, 2010
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Getting screwed by someone extremely over weight.
Natalie: Dude, Brandi whaled josh this summer.
Megan: Holy shit, he got whaled!!!
by mEgGeRz November 23, 2003
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Similar to being catfished. Meaning, being shown outdated pictures of someone who has gained a whole lot of weight since the pictures were taken, and when you meet them, they are a whole lot bigger than advertised
Jay and Austin got whaled by the very large Shaniqua and Vanessa and had to bail quickly!
by captainjosefireball November 13, 2014
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