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Assassination, or a job that is likely to include killing someone.
"Fine, I'll take the case, but I have to warn you, I don't do wetwork," he said, pulling out a 9mm, checking the chamber and sliding it into his holster. "If it looks like I need this, I'm going to charge you double."
by taokoan December 31, 2003
Wet work usually refers to assassinating people in a covert manner.
Mr. Clark is quite the expert in Wet Work; not surprising given his military background.
by Weyoun January 28, 2005
To muder or kill either in defense or to complete a certain task which could be murder in itself.

Usually associated with covert operations.
If you've got to do any wetwork be sure to use the silencer so you don't draw any attention to yourself.
by That-One-Guy November 01, 2003
Sexual act consisting of a men peeing on another men, often for money.
As seen in Horrible Bosses. Not to be confused with Wet Work -> assassination.
by Spiniox November 03, 2011
Listen up, crew. This is a WET WORKS assignment. Grab your gatz; get cocked, locked, and ready to rock.
by Joshiro007 March 02, 2003
(v.)the act of pissing on other men for money, usually a very quotable line from the Hollywood hit classic, Horrible Bosses.
guy 1. i went on the men seeking men page and tried to look for assasins under wetwork. i found you
guy 2. im not an asassin.
guy 1. your not
guy 2. no i take large heaping amounts of piss on other men
guy 1. oh...awks
by MJURMZ November 21, 2011
The job that does a male or female prostitute when peeing on someone else's face or body in order to get paid.
I'm the wet work specialist, I wasn't expecting 3...well who's first and it's gonna be 60 per person.
by vincentlacroix August 07, 2011
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