Westlife are def the best band to grace the music industry in a long time. Granted people may not like their songs, but even the 'haters' have to admit they are the best at what they do..afterall, they have the 35million album sales and a combined earning of approx. 35million euro (thats not including Brian)
Westlife are definately around for a while
by CDMF May 02, 2005
A pile of irish shite.
Me: Hey look, it's Westlife.
Dog shite: I'm offended.
by Nimic March 17, 2006
Grateing teen pop boyband from Ireland who are the countries final revenge on the U.K for all the shit thats been done to them over the years.

In secret deal between the governements of both countries in late 2005 Ireland offered to take them back and promised put them beyond further use in exchange for the handover of N.Ireland as well. Sadly talks failed after the British demanded that they also take back Ronan Keating & Graham Norton, an offer the Irish Government regarded as 'Totally Unacceptable'.
'Would you like to listen to Westlife?'

'No thank you. I would rather be raped to death by a H.I.V positive cheesegrater.'
by El B@stardo February 14, 2009
IN MY OPINION, the shittiest band to walk the planet. All they ever do is covers and completely butcher old songs.
"Oooh Mandy...AHHH!"
*gunshots are heard*
by Kay March 20, 2004
if westlife ever beat elvis then it is a sign that the music industry has gone down the pan, they are the worst irish people ever, a disgrace to music, and ugly to boot, see teenybopper and really shit band and pop music is shit
westlife are shit
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
crap gay twats who try to sing but just make me buy a gun!
*i'll say in a love song*
*fuk this shit kill me now* i shoot my self
by louise April 11, 2004

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