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A prominent smoking device from the movie "Half Baked".
Hey, please hand me Wesley Pipes, dude... wanna get wasted big time.
by kfx July 13, 2005
the pipe that Thurgood Jenkins, Scarface, and Brian smoke on half baked when Kenny was in jail in the move "Half Baked".
Thurgood Jenkins: You know I got some weed at work today, if y'all wanna try it out.

Scarface: Nah, we don't feel like smokin right now.

Thurgood Jenkins: Me neither. So y'all wanna smoke?

Scarface: I'll get Billy Bong Thornton!

Brian: No man. No Billy Bong Thornton without Kenny. That wouldn't be right. Get Wesley Pipes. Yeah!
by mike j mofaku May 08, 2008
hitting a lacrosse ball on the pipes of the goal and missing.
Bro 1: Yo bro, say hey to Wesley Pipes for me!
by BigMacho25 March 29, 2010
A larger then average beer bong who destroys anyone in his path.
Wesley pipes just destroyed me
by samp800 July 18, 2010

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