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A verb used to describe persuing wenches in one's local hostelry
My hobbies include fishing, topiary, 1960s French cinema and wenching
by bigmikey November 02, 2005
From the verb "to wench".

One of the most enjoyable pastimes of young men. The act of shamelessly flirting, charming and pursuing women (or "wenches" with the sole purpose of bedding them.

(wench: (1) an old word used for the young women that worked in taverns in the evenings and were often easily persuaded to work nights too.

(2)Young hussy/flirt.)
Drinking, Gambling and Wenching ...what more could a man wish to do.
by frenchwench December 08, 2009
• Going on a night out with the sole purpose of catching a root
"Fancy a beer mate"
"Nah Im only here for the wenching"
"Fair play son, get involved"
by $ir October 16, 2015
When a Sailor goes out on Liberty, looking for a "One Night Stand."
"Hey, Shipmate, where ya going tonight?" "I'm going wenching. Wanna get some?"
by BeirutDude July 14, 2015
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