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Town in central Washington named after an indian tribe called the Wenatchi indians. Wenatchee is recently famous for outdoors, Appleblossom, prozac, church sex-rings and meth. Heck, I like it though.
Man, if you aren't careful you'll get stuck in Wenatchee!
by Mandown July 22, 2008
A cute little town in central Washington that is very quickly growing. while there are no good sports teams, and people obsess over apples, it can be a very fun place if you know where to go. and contrary to popular belief, the amount of drugs is substancially lower than that of other growing cities.
Sam: Where did you go on your last vacation?
Garret: Wenatchee! it was awesome!
by hmmmmmmmmmidk January 24, 2011
a slang term for a woman's vagina, usually used when describing it in an unpleasant way
That girls wenatchee smelled awful!
by SR Bear July 15, 2011
A shitty little town in central Washington full of illegal immigrants and idiots who are obsessed with their damn apples. A boring place to live, where every idiot knows everyone else, and outsiders will be bored and all hell and not enjoy living there. It doesn't have a University or a decent sports team to its name, but the lame-ass locals pretend like there stupid football and baseball teams are any good.
Joe: Where are you from?
Mike: Hell
Joe: Oh, Wenatchee.
by Penske July 14, 2008
1. Another term for a woman's vagina
2. A shithole city in the middle of Washington whose claim to fame include nothing short of the infamous apple. Sometimes referred to the 909 of Washington.
Billy Bob: Dey took err jobs.
Ricky Bobby: What jobs? We're in Wenatchee.
by driftwood0205 January 31, 2011
Home of apples, Wenatchee Wild, Wenatchee Venom, you know everything and more that East Wenatchee doesn't have including the ability to dominate at every sport! Eastmont is often what East Wenatchee is called because it's shorter and easier on the soft and fragile minds of the East Wenatchee people. Now I know on this site people often think that Wenatchee is of lesser quality than Eat Wenatchee, but dearly mistaken they are! We tend to kick East Wenatchee's butt at every sport when it comes to high school, and middle school. Wenatchee is mainly known for beating the tar out of East Wenatchee's football players at the battle of the bridges (only time both teams play because Wenatchee High is part of a bigger and better league than Eastmont) every single year! Also, Wenatchee people are more creative, just take a look at their name, East Wenatchee, that's about as creative as crashing planes into the Twin Towers, again. If I haven't got my point a crossed, then you're from the East of Wenatchee. If you don't believe me you can even check the sports scores, it shouldn't be that hard since everything says,

Wenatcheeite, " You know I fell bad for you."

East Wenatchee Joe, " Why?"

Wenatcheeite, " You can't win at any sports, or succeed in life."

East Wenatchee Joe, " True that."

Wenatcheeite, " Now leave my sight you dirty outsider!"
by The Wenatcheeite April 24, 2011
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