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to reach your climax, to release your semen, to cum, to release your sperm, to spray your man juice
I am going to welf on your face.
I am going to share my welf with your mouth.
Tell me when you are going to welf.
Stop welfing on me.
by shinanygans13 August 07, 2009
A person who relies solely on Welfare and is too lazy to go out and get a job. Someone who abuses the Welfare system.
Her sister's a complete welf. She just sits at home all day and smokes her bong.
by le rectificateur June 28, 2009
W.E.L.F = Whiny Emo Livejournal Faggot.

Used for people who have online diary/blog things, and post in them.
Ha ha ha, you've got a Livejournal you WELF.
by cool_penguin_0 September 15, 2004
noun; A witch-elf like person who is not short but funsized. Often have red hair or ginger. Tend to make friends with the lunchladies at school.
She was straight up welfin'

Damn look at that sexy piece of welf

That welf was gigglin' up a storm

That welf has a hot ass booty

Smell her welfin' from a mile away
by RACHELBENNY0160 May 16, 2011
Verb. To run naked through a department store in a crazed panic.
After losing all his clothes in strip poker, Bill welfed, desperately trying to find a towel.
by Unknown June 21, 2004
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