The space between a mans anus and nut sack. It is where a man is said to be welded together.
You can lick my weld if you like...actually just lick it anyway.
by Sub-Prime August 05, 2005
Top Definition
The seam of skin between the bullet hole and ball bag or vagina (minge, gash, clunge etc)
I'm gonna kick you in the weld
by Weld Licker September 05, 2013
(Jamaica, old school) To engage in sexual intercourse.
I'm goin' to be weldin' her big time tonight, mon.
by bigword February 01, 2008
for sparks of love to fly
At raft camp, Josh and Lola were totally welding, you could see the sparks.
by yolivia June 02, 2013
To rip a burning and horrible smelling fart
After eating that garlic pizza, I am going to weld.
by Big Tom August 10, 2005
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