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Weeting is the most bad ass village in England. It is located in Norfolk and has some of the biggest Cunts you will ever meet, but you end up making them your best friends ever. It is also loacted near RAF Lakenheath. If you ever go to England, go here, it is only 2 hours away from London.
Guy 1-You go to Weeting often?

Guy 2-Yeah, dick 'ead, I live there, you fucking cunt, why dont you live there? I'll tell you why, because youre too pussy!
by skown February 18, 2011
Is the merging of the two words:
Meeting and Willy, to suggest an upcoming, arousing event.

i.e. Sexual Intercourse.
"are you gonna be Weeting Dave tonight?"

"Maybe, at least this time i am prepared."
by Arousel April 10, 2010
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