a dork, a dweeb. Not necessarily a bad thing.
see mims,mimszinski
don't be such a weenie
by daniul webstir April 29, 2005
a teenage male who cares more about his bromance than his girlfriend, still uses AIM, and pretends he has a giant weenie even though it is actually not that big
person one: look him, he just ran past his gf to see his best friend!
second person: what a weenie
by MonkeyCheeseGrace February 20, 2011
noun: military in origin, derisive term for a personal or administrative assistant to a flag-grade officer (colonels, generals, navy captains or admirals). The term refers to a support or staff role, as opposed to an individual in a line or operations position in an organization. In the corporate world, this term may refer to someone in a personnel/human resources or accounting role, as opposed to someone in a sales, manufacturing, or engineering role.
"The HR weenies that come up with these policies have never set foot in a customer's facility. No wonder they don't have a clue..."
by speedstan February 23, 2010
One that behaves in a way that would be considered effeminate or cowardly. Typically with a total disregard for their genitalia. Often associated with being a cry-baby, mamma's boy, yellow belly or pantywaist.
"Dude, Jeff put toilet paper on the toilet seat before he sat down. What a weenie!"
by fancyboyjr June 14, 2012
Another term used for marijauna which can be known as marijuweenie and when abreviated, weenie.
Jomes can you pack me up a weenie romper?
by Jomesschnilby January 28, 2011
Someone who is mean and likes to hurt people's feelings- a jerk.
Guy: "you're such a baby"
Girl: "hey don't be a weenie"
by grilledcheese March 19, 2015
Stupid ginger little prick of a dog who thinks he's hard when he's just a little shit
"That dog, weenie, he's a stupid little prick always growling what an arsehole"
by Mongey July 06, 2014

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