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The ugliest penis anyone will ever see in their life.
The penis is often red and sweaty like a lollipop.
It's tip of the head is often soggy but hard around the ring of the penis thus calling it "Strange Lollipop"
Hehe! Nelson has a very icky icky sweaty ugly Strange Lollipop!

Bobby made Mary suck his Strange Lollipop!

Polly fell in love with Mathew's Strange Lollipop!
by Brimanson July 10, 2012
A bigger wimp that literally will not do anything to get around in life itself.
Look at the weenie with his thumb up his ass! What a weenie!

Hey Jimbo, look at Earl... He just sits on his ass afraid of the world. What a weenie!
by Brimanson April 14, 2012
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