Cool lil dudes who are funny. They cleverly use slang words for other words e.g LO! {hello}.
he he he he he they make me laugh!
Weebl & Bob madde my ro piss his pants laughing
by Stacie July 26, 2004
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The coolest Flash series to ever hit the Intraweb! Weebl & Bob love pie.

Learn about these fascinating creatures and their habits at
Hey, who rocks? Weebl & Bob? Damn Straight!
by cool_penguin_0 June 16, 2004
Hideously overrated and unfunny series of flash animations, of the school of "if it makes no sense, it must be funny", whose entire comedy routine seemingly consists of their liking of pie.
Person A: Hey U kno WeeBl and bOb is soooo0o funny lolz.

Person B: Throwing random shit together in a poorly presented animation isn't funny.

Person A: But they lyk pie lol rofl.
by Alaskan Reeve February 23, 2005
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