A person, who's of non-Japanese descent, who wishes that he or she was Japanese and claims to be an expert on all things Japanese. Usually, the person gets most of his knowledge from watching anime and reading manga and adamantly believes that everything that's made in Japan is better than anything else that's created in the rest of the world. They try to speak Japanese (which are usually slang words from Japanese anime) but fail at it so badly. They also believe that Japan is exactly as depicted in anime and thinks that Japan is some sort of fairy tale land. Pretty much, they are posers who wish that they were Japanese, worships the Japanese as if they were gods, and thinks that Japan is the center of, well, everything and they are extremely annoying, are very retarded and have a massive case of inferiority complex. They also claim that they are being oppressed by "outsiders" but the ironic thing is that they are doing the oppressing.
A weeaboo is a poser that thinks that he or she is Japanese and this infuriates pretty much everyone around him.
by Pfarrer September 30, 2014
Someone who gets a huge (and some might say extreme) interest in Japan because of anime, not to be confused with a Japanophile, who is someone interested in Japan as a whole, unlike Weeaboos Japanophiles have a real serious interest in Japan, and make more than a half-hearted attempt at learning Japanese, Weeaboos may try to learn Japanese, but usually end up making huge mistakes and sounding like complete idiots
I am Japanophile, my interest in Japan extends to various parts of Japan and her culture, unlike a Weeaboo, I am not purely interested in Japan because of Anime, in fact I have never seen any animes
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall February 05, 2014
A person who respects Japanese culture and is usually a huge fan of anime. They are usually really nice people, but get insulted and joked about a lot. They like to speak Japanese sometimes, which is awesome.
I am a weeaboo.
by samuchan January 10, 2015
Mostly fat white chicks who go to anime convesions and are obssesed with inuyasha and dye there hair black in poor attempts to be japanese, they often say a few words like konichiwa, baka sayonara and feel as if the know the languge, they also sing anoying theme songs from notable anime shows and show up to school wearing fake cat ears saying there married to inuyasha.
not all weeaboos are fat white chicks they come in difernt shapes and sizes and nationalitys but the majority are big fat nerdy chicks.
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
A geeky, usually homosexual kid who likes anime, drawing, reading, Naruto, and acting gay. Undesirables. Emos, Vamps, or Goths. Mostly Tattletales.
Jeff: Dude, why are you drawing during sex ed.

Weeaboo: Don't judge me for being different!!!

Jeff: Okay don't overreact. I just made a simple statement.

by jAk3333. November 22, 2010
Weeaboos We-ah-boo are not Asian people who try to be Asian. They have obsessions like: Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, and Anime and they try to look asian by wearing loli costumes and wigs. If they are students, they join Anime clubs and act like anime characters who are perverts. Weeaboos are usually girls because of their love of yaoi. They also have horrible cosplay and don't take anime seriously. You could see your nearest Weaaboos in your Yaoi Section of any Book Store across the world. NO, OTAKUS ARE DIFFERENT FROM WEEABOOS.
"I love anime and this because I'm a weeaboos!"

"That girl has a love for anime, She's a weaboo"
by fdhtyuthdgfgfs July 01, 2011
A game whereby the one who is caught saying the word weeaboo must be chained to a pipe and paddled by all around him/her. Those with the paddles must chant weeaboo until the paddling is finished and the one chained to a pipe is released.
Person 1: "If we waste anymore time on 'weeaboo,' we'll be bankrupt by the end of the month!"
Person 2: "Did somebody just say 'Weeaboo?' 'cause I think I just heard someone say 'Weeaboo.'"
Person 3, 4, 5, and 6: "WEE-A-BOO! WEE-A-BOO!"
by Ashimomo May 26, 2006

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