The ultimate anime fan. (Not to be confused with Otaku or Fangirl/Fanboy)

They have a habit of washing irregularly, are completely obsessed with anything and everything to do with anime and foolishly believe that all Japanese culture is as it is portrayed via an anime.

Often mix (badly pronounced) Japanese into regular English sentences when speaking to produce a 'dialect' of sorts that is not only difficult to understand but also makes them sound like the cheap tourist no one wants to be when on vacation.

Often are fans of yaoi, and think/talk about it non-stop, as they do other anime that have the misfortune of attracting a Weeaboo's attention.
(spelled phonetically)
Weeaboo: Koneecheewa! Have you lost your In you? (Inu = dog)

Normal person: Wha....?
by Lulu-Bugg February 22, 2011
A person, who's of non-Japanese descent, who wishes that he or she was Japanese and claims to be an expert on all things Japanese. Usually, the person gets most of his knowledge from watching anime and reading manga and adamantly believes that everything that's made in Japan is better than anything else that's created in the rest of the world. They try to speak Japanese (which are usually slang words from Japanese anime) but fail at it so badly. They also believe that Japan is exactly as depicted in anime and thinks that Japan is some sort of fairy tale land. Pretty much, they are posers who wish that they were Japanese, worships the Japanese as if they were gods, and thinks that Japan is the center of, well, everything and they are extremely annoying, are very retarded and have a massive case of inferiority complex. They also claim that they are being oppressed by "outsiders" but the ironic thing is that they are doing the oppressing.
A weeaboo is a poser that thinks that he or she is Japanese and this infuriates pretty much everyone around him.
by Pfarrer September 30, 2014
Short form: weeb.

Originally a term stemming from the same branch as 'otaku' and 'wapanese', it is now most commonly used a joking term amongst anime and manga fans who do not glorify Japanese culture, but instead just enjoy the content of said anime and manga. These fans are usually pretty light hearted about the term and use it almost ironically.

It should be noted that not all weeaboos are otakus, but some are, and will get really insulted when you use the term jokingly.
"You're such a weeaboo."
"Ha, yeah, I totally am."

"I am weeb trash, anime is great."
by Artisticalogical September 15, 2015
Weeaboo is a term used to describe individuals who prefers Japanese culture, specifically Japanese animated cartoons and claim that they themselves are Japanese people even though they aren't. The tendency of such individuals would be to impose as a known Japanese character, attempt to speak Japanese or famous lines in an animated series, and a powerful obsession over anime. This however is not to be confused with Japanophile.

People who are branded by this title are mostly hated and detested by other individuals because majority of "Weeaboos" tend to be overly dramatic with their love and influence of Japanese animated Cartoons. This doesn't mean that anime is a negative impact to their being rather majority of Weeaboos may lack a sense of their reality. It may be considered as a kind of escapist but it was only given a name by 4chan users to which the term is derived from a Perry Bible Fellowship comic.

Its a popular term specifically used by western people to discriminate individuals, turning it into a tool of conformity or perhaps a norm that paves way to an aggressive act of bullying and racism. It has received negative definitions by a huge number of social entities, specifically in the American cultural society of today.
This girl is obsessed with Japanese animated cartoons that she even became one herself, she's a weeaboo.
by World 3 September 13, 2015
Someone who prefers Japanese and anything Japan-related over their indigenous culture. They watch tons of Anime, know tiny bits of Japanese words but pronounce them completely wrong and dream of traveling to and/or living in Japan some day. Many weeaboos own a full-body pillow have watched at least 3 anime series from the 80's and only watch Hentai pornography. Signs of a weeaboo include:
-Reading a weekly Manga
-Knowing correct usage of at least 5 Japanese Honorifics (Senpai ect.)
-Ability to list 5+ Anime never shown on american television
-Eating only Japanese snacks such as pocky
-Having romantic/sexual feelings for an anime character
-Using words such as desu, senpai, and baka regularly.
-Laughing or smiling with their eyes closed. (Like in anime)
-Running with their arms thrown back (Like in Naruto)
Dude, look at Gerald..he does nothing but watch anime and cosplay all day, he's such a weeaboo.
by DJCyaniide July 18, 2015
Someone who gets a huge (and some might say extreme) interest in Japan because of anime, not to be confused with a Japanophile, who is someone interested in Japan as a whole, unlike Weeaboos Japanophiles have a real serious interest in Japan, and make more than a half-hearted attempt at learning Japanese, Weeaboos may try to learn Japanese, but usually end up making huge mistakes and sounding like complete idiots
I am Japanophile, my interest in Japan extends to various parts of Japan and her culture, unlike a Weeaboo, I am not purely interested in Japan because of Anime, in fact I have never seen any animes
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall February 05, 2014
Girl on Youtube who goes by the name of VenusAngelic. Tries way to hard to be a real life anime character.
Sheʻs not asian. Maybe Russian or something, but VenusAngelic is a total Weeaboo
by MVC April 28, 2012

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