the legendary leader (along with scoop) of the ancient clan Clamdigger
dude, you see that shot? i swear it was from wedge himself
by annonamous April 14, 2003
Someone who consistently invites themself into a conversation, group or event. Normally knows you daily schedule. Enjoys telling stories that occured like 4.567 seconds before. Also enjoys telling stories that begin with "This one time..." and "Oh and another time." These will continue until invervention protocols are initiated. Normally farted upon by peers.
Who is this wedge?
Why are you wedging into this conversation??
Are you trying to wedge into my LAN?
by Gilesy June 13, 2007
(n) A stupid person. Originates from the fact that the wedge is a simple machine.
A wedge is the simplest tool known to man.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
An 80's style hairdo, as sported by Spandau Ballet, where the fringe sort of flops across the face at 45 degrees, partially masking one eye.
Have you seen Tony Hadley's wedge? Man I need one of those, and a D.A.
by Rumplestiltskin April 18, 2005
It means Money fools.
Great train robber after looking inside bags - 'Its all wedge, son'
A single sheet of toilet paper folded twice, then while your still on the can and your anus is still flexed out, you place the paper(using your middle finger)at your asshole. As you stand your paper will get sucked up and stay there to prevent soil all day, or at least till full.
To prevent chaffing, use a wedge.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
Wedge: 1. Hot, Awesome, Fantastic, Fetch. Wedgetastic, Wedgerific, Wedgeiful
2. Ass.
3. In reference to an alcoholic drink "Chocolate Orange Wedge."
1. That is sooooooo wedge!
2. Back that wedge up!
3. A little Chocolate. A little orange. A little Wedge.

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