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- shortcut for "webcam"
Person 1: Hey can I view your webby??
Person 2: Sure thing :)
by lms. March 04, 2009
1 8
CUTE with puupy dog eyes and the cutest smile EVER!!
Webby's not small...it's just always cold!
by Steph and B! February 26, 2004
9 17
a twat or so called friend of mine and my friends, doesn't know his arse from his elbow!walks like a chicken talks like a monkey with a mouthful of feathers, need i go on.........
charlie:"webby what u doin 2nite man?"
charlie:"come down to mine if u want?"
by charlie-boy July 14, 2004
10 19
Short guy with very very very spikey blonde hair. He is small and all the girls love him. He also has a squeaky voice.
Nick Webb
by John Smith Extra Smooth October 22, 2003
6 19
a wetback.mexican.beaner
you webby got eat a taco!!!
by lp miramontes October 01, 2003
6 19
Big cuddly teddybear. is confused by his sexuality. a bit of a bender. could be bi!!!!!
OHHH he was H*O*T, oh wait so was she!
by Lori Bell November 26, 2003
2 17