Adjective - Describes the amount of web development involved in creating an online application
This course selector app is really webby.
by Artdg May 09, 2010
a posh twat
shut up you webby
by ka-u January 08, 2012
The skin between your fingers or toes.

1."Can you believe this shit? I got a fuckin paper cut on my webby."

2."You wish your webbies looked this good."
by Igothoez March 23, 2008
a complete and utter retard. Has no common sense but always wants to be the centre of attention.
"huh, he's being such a webby today"
by gazworf February 02, 2007
getting mashed off your nut by your self, lose your phone and pulling a bird at a bus stop
"I did a Webby last night: got mashed off my nut by myself, lost my phone and pulled a bird at a bus stop"
by Paul.J.C February 13, 2008
webby is short for describing a website on the internet.
"I give you props for your webby! not many artists have stuff up on the net."
by Yann Traboulsi May 08, 2007
(v.) to get a spider web on yourself or others
Running through a spider web sucks, i mean, look at me, im all WEBBY.
by Alex Hirsch/AIM: juicELF September 13, 2003

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