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A woman's penis.
I saw her lady gaga last night. I barfed.
by buttslapper81 October 16, 2010
A boy who's name is often misheard as "Jared" or "Garrett".
What's your name?
What's that? Jared?
It's Jarrett.
Oh, Garrett.
by buttslapper81 May 05, 2011
When looking for a clear bathroom stall, making accidental eye contact through the little crack between the door and the wall with the person inside the stall you are inspecting.
I had long-lasting crack contact with Sheila yesterday. It was awkward.
by buttslapper81 September 01, 2011
An annoying girl who likes to wear headbands with fruit on them. She also likes to use pomegranate scented hand sanitizer a lot and is very OCD. This word can also be used in place of any cuss word with equal meaning.
You're a sydsmithing sydsmith. Go away, you aren't wanted here.
by buttslapper81 October 16, 2010
To shit in a cup and throw it in a river.
He pulled a Rob Harris on my latte last night.
by buttslapper81 October 16, 2010
The hugging of hands; Placing hands together, then wrapping around the thumb and pinky.
I think he might like me back. I could tell by our prolonged hand hug last night.
by buttslapper81 October 23, 2010
The flap of skin between the index finger and thumb. Also known as a "gyna."
May I have the honor of touching your webbie?
by buttslapper81 October 23, 2010
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