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To pop out the Wazoo.

Come out of no where, a white version of woodies, or pop out the woodies.

Short for popped out the wazoo.
by dan the science man February 23, 2009
a kid that has a fucked up nickname given to him by the kid with the biggest cock in the world W-A-B-E-E. also this rare species of faggot is addicted to COD.
I hate Wazzy good thing i killed him in COD last night.
by Da tru baby January 10, 2012

1. To be fond of pissing people off
2. Someone who is a player
3. to act like dick
Man, that kid be so wazzy. he fucks too many girls. id like to beat his bitch ass
by Michael Navarro May 29, 2011
Whats up?
Whats hangin?
Whats goin on?
screename1: wazzy?
screename2: not much here what about you?
by Sulker March 23, 2006
A word combination directly translated as "Whats up"
skippy: wazzy?
johnny: nothin much, you?
by Sulker April 04, 2006

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