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To pay little or no attention to personal hygiene. Just wake up funky and go about your day without bathing, brushing your teeth, or washing your face just like cowboys would do in the John Wayne movies.
I can't believe my roommate just jumps straight up outta bed and heads to class Wayning everyday like he slept in the dirt and woke up and jumped on a horse with a bottle of whiskey.
by Six 8 August 17, 2007
to creep on or stalk another person.
that guy won't leave me alone, he's totally wayning.
by hiddenant July 06, 2014
To rap like Lil Wayne
Man I was listening to Lil Wayne and I started wayning
by turnthemusicup December 21, 2009
1. acting extremely whack
2. wayning moon
emily was totally wayning last night, she was so whack!
by d0nalds0n December 27, 2008

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