Earns more money than all of the haters on here COMBINED. Superb footballer but bad temper which he will inevitably get under control soon enough. Constant target of jokes and abuses by dumb English people but he ignores them all cuz the money is too much for him to even care about the talentless no names trying to get some attention. Wayne rooney is unlucky to come from England. his talent is not deserving of such a shit country like England. should have been German or Spanish or even American. Plays for the best football team in England and one of the best on the planet Manchester United. Admired by Mancunians and real football fans because he could not care less what anyone says about him. He is not about to change for anyone and he will not succumb to the Politically correct rubbish of England. He is the realest english footballer since Gazza.
All you internet warriors can say what you want about Wayne Rooney online cuz you are too scared to say that to him in person cuz you know he's gonna plant your face in your ass.
by bbbbgggg June 16, 2011
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A highly talented, yet fowl tempered English footballer. As well as his football ability he also possesses the ability to look like both Shrek and a potato, yet potatoes and Shrek look nothing alike.
'Man, Wayne Rooney sure does look like a potato, lets watch Shrek.'
by Its'_called_football July 05, 2006
He's Fat
He's Bald
He Likes his women old!
its Wayne Rooney
its Wayne Rooney

hes fat
hes scouse
hell fukin rob your house
its wayne rooney

hes near
hes far
hell fukin steal yer car
its wayne rooney

hes fat
hes red
hell take yer gran to bed
its wayne rooney

he fat
she's scum
he's probably shagged your mum
wayne rooney
wayne rooney

hes fat
hes round
he bounces up and down
its wayne rooney

he shot
he missed
he must be f **kin pissed

wayne rooney wayne rooney
wayne rooney is a virgin
he's never used his d**k
he w**ks in the shower
and sleeps in his own sick
he throws up to the left
and he throws up to the right
and he couldn't pulla bird
if he tried all f*****g night

Build a brothel
Build a brothel
Put Wayne Rooney on the Top
A load of Grannies in the middle
and he'll shag the fucking lot!!!!!!!!

hell be coming round the mountain with a gun
Cos Rooney shagged her Nanna up the bum
He got himself a hooker
Who knew a red nosed fucker
Now fat bastard playing for the scum!!"
wayne rooney is a dirty red scum
wayne rooney is fat
by lee_23 slimmings March 04, 2005
fat bastard who eats all the pies and shags your gran all night
you're as fat as wayne rooney
by Michael Pirouet March 22, 2005
A very talented football player that will never ever be able to control his temper or his love of shagging old grannies
Wayne Rooney stamped on Carvalho's nuts and essentially got England put out of the 2006 world cup, much to my delight
by Kieren and Grae July 02, 2006
A chavvy little cunt who gets caught in granny brothels and then attacks passers by. Also known to swear and scream until the ref gives him his nappy back.
Can be found in any shithole area of Liverscum or Manure.
Rooney'll be a fat piss head in a few years.

What?, Just like that wife beating wanker, Best.
by Roland Rat April 06, 2005
A little brat who got owned in the world cup by his own teammate for beeing such a fucking asshole.
Wayne rooney: Holly shit mother fucker son of a bitch you fucking stupid bastard.
Cristiano Ronaldo: Hey ref!
Ref: Red card, get the fuck out of here
Wayne rooney: (crying) cristiano we are over no more free sex in manchester united showers
by George Bush's Pretzle August 13, 2006
Overpaid arrogant wanker who has the tendancy to complain when the average working-class England fans rightly boo and his team off after a poor performance. These fans paid good money to see their team perform well and haven't got their money's worth. Wayne probably wipes his arse on several £50 notes which shows his arrogance.
"Nice to see your own fans booing you. If that's what loyal support is ... for fuck's sake." yeah, fuck off Wayne Rooney!
by antiwaynerooney June 18, 2010

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