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Office Work Player. A person who flirts with all the girls in the office.

Also, a person who has more than one office wife.
Coworker - Were you just flirting with KK?

Other Coworker - Yeah, she's hot!

Coworker - Dawg, how many office wives you got?

Other Coworker - Five, I think.

Coworker - You are such a wayer.
by Vovalicious September 04, 2008
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A white player. One who trys way to hard to hook up but does so successfully.
That foo last night was such a wayer he stole my girl.
by Jack M April 28, 2003
a shorter word for windows media player
all the media players are good: winamp, real, wayer etc.
by Andriusm March 06, 2008

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