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Watty- Meaning in love, head over heals.
I don't see why Susan is so watty over that guy.
by Melinda Warden September 28, 2004
description of impressive, perhaps awe inspiring breasts on a woman.
pair of breasts strole past
by NblockYork March 09, 2010
To perform an act of phallacio on a clergyman or man of the cloth, e.g priest or vicar, whilst he is preaching a sermon.
Dude, tonight im going to go give Father John some Watty.
by MassiveG@sh December 05, 2008
Slang term for penis.
"Yo, dat girl is so shawty,
She make me want to go to the potty,
And wank off my Watty."
by steve_ayres35 July 14, 2014
mens underwear boxers
that guy just had the watties ripped clean off him
by Tattie November 13, 2006