Watson is a scottish last name. It means "son of watt" it also means the "Ruler of Army" From the elements wald, meaning rule, and heri, meaning army.

so that means any boy and GIRL especially GIRLS with the last name of WATSON is great hot beautiful prossibly rich, smart and sexxyyyy babyyy

boys are equally hot too
Look at Emma Watson shes the face of Burberry and shes going too harvard perfect epitome of hot beautiful rich smart and sexy

i could be related to her hmmmm...
by im back! oh no! August 11, 2009
A really bad, slightly creepy, chinstrap.
"Check out that dude with the Watson. What a creeper..."

"I'm pretty sure he's been staring at you the whole night."
by furthursurg October 19, 2009
To "Watson" something is to do it to the absolute max, this could be anything from smoking a cigarette to hittin' the gym to partying your ass off.
Guy "Yo dude pass me that joint ima Watson it to Fuck"

Friend - "Man your soooo poor"
by Stenny123 September 05, 2011
doing a mathematically problem at a rapid pace while others calculate slowly
The teacher asked us what the square root of 1681 is and i watson the answer in less then 15 seconds while it took others a ton longer.
by The one that call awesome April 26, 2010
Usually refers to a guy who is very charming and funny. Favorite past time is photography and loves to drink. Favors German automobiles and Ikea furniture.
Girl #1: That guy is such a Watson.
Girl #2: I concur.
by sixfeetshort February 04, 2010
Yorkshire slang for genitals
Look at the pair of watson's on t'sheep. reminds me of a couple of growlers
by deano666 September 04, 2009
Harry Potter looking, Steals girls you care about
Promising not to see the girl but they do anyway Now commonly known as A Watson
by DimestoneD April 30, 2010

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