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1. A random word stem collected from a popular internet word (ie, post) and utilized by internet spam bots to form a new word. Common affixes include one to four length letters, or a jumble of letters, used in an attempt to cover as many unique combinations as possible to drive traffic to their websites.

2. A frequent typo, randomly typed letters, or misspelling by internet users.

3. Common abbreviation for "Please Only Save The Friendly Unicorns", an organization dedicated to the preservation of friendly unicorns located in the Canadian wilderness.

4. Common abbreviation for "Pictures Or Shut The F* Up", a definition conceived by a single individual but not actually common or used at all. Unless you count that one time ten years ago.

5. Or, this word could mean absolutely nothing at all and it's just a completely random word created with no real meaning or common use in the real world or the internet, and anyone can choose how they want to define the word. This is just an example of how easy it is to submit a definition and have it accepted by editors who approve almost anything based entirely on how funny it is and if the definition contains no spelling errors.
"C'mon, POSTFU."
"Hey man! POSTFU."
"Oh no, it's POSTFU."
by Symguy June 23, 2013
“Watson”; to break watt-sun

–verb (used with object)

1. to smash, break, or split into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments: "He watsoned his computer."

2. to foolishly destroy or break computer software or hardware as to making the equipment completely useless forever.

3. to make into utter rubbish: "Al just completed full-watsoned that guy's laptop."

4. to partially break: "The computer was only half-watsoned. It might be repairable."

5. to infringe, ignore, or act contrary to a policy, a law, or common sense: "She watsoned her promise."

6. to destroy or interrupt the regularity, uniformity, continuity, or arrangement of: "Jeff just pulled a full watson."

7. to penetrate anally with the intention of causing irreparable harm: "I just watsoned his ass, and enjoyed it."

–verb (used without object)

8. to become inoperative or to malfunction, as through wear or damage: "The computer system watsoned this afternoon."

9. to shatter, burst, or become broken; separate into parts or fragments, esp. suddenly and violently: "The computer watsoned in his lap."

10. to become suddenly discontinuous or interrupted; burst abruptly: "He pushed too hard and his anus watsoned."

11. to completely ruin one's life: "I watsonned my life."


12. an act or instance of breaking software or hardware; fracture; destroy; obliterate: "The software was just watsoned."

13. an opening made by breaking; gap: "The watson in the monitor screen has not been repaired."
"I'm having a really good day, I sure hope it doesn't get watson'd this afternoon."

"Dan only half-watsoned his Blackberry."

"Jeff pulled a full watson."
by Symguy May 04, 2009

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