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A wasted orgasm is when you jack off and come but don't feel an orgasm, due to trying to prolong the pre-orgasm pleasure for too long. Usually leaving the victim with a sense of failure and frustration.
Frat Bro 1: Dude last night I was jacking off and I came and felt nothing, totally fucked up my night.

Frat Bro 2: Oh yeah dude I think that's called a wasted orgasm, I get those all the time when I think about my grandma.

Frat Bro 1: ....What the fuck dude?

Frat Bro 2: Wait what....?
by Alpha as fuck34 August 05, 2010
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Mostly with women. Where the body goes through the processes of an orgasm but it is not felt, due to stopping masturbation or sex too soon.
I was clit rubbing and was so close but then my mum knocked at the door. Total wasted orgasm.
by Rebeccii July 30, 2009
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