Whatever you like to do best.
Stop wasting time!
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
I won't describe what means "Waste of time", because it is a waste of time.
This definition is a waste of time.
I'm wasting time writing this, and now you're realizing you are wasting time reading this.
What a waste of time.
by Gaetano96 December 18, 2014
when you cook something and you ad to many herbs
Oh only a pinch of time not a cup.
by Swadeisno1 & Aussie September 09, 2003
1. Very good, worthwhile.

2. Very bad, not worthy.

The use of which definition depends on the context.
1. "It was a wonderful film- a waste of time."

2. "It was a terrible film- a waste of time."
by GIORA April 24, 2005

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