Worst team name in the history of sports. Also sports some of the worst nicknames in sports, i.e. the Wiz and the Zards.
Dude, the Wizards were so much cooler when they were the Bullets.
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the most dank team ever in the history of basketball. everyone on the team has some sort of talent, with the exceptions of kwame "salami" brown and jared "do something!" jeffries
The winner of the 2008 election is gilbert areanss btiches
by sjcblows June 21, 2005
A team with a lot of talent and promise. With the signing of Gilbert Arenas in 2003, the Wizards became better, and in the year 2005, Arenas, with the help of Antawn Jamison and Larry Hughes, made the playoffs for the first time since they were the Bullets. The following year, they repeated their playoff berth, but were ousted in the first round. As I'm writing this, they are near the top of the Eastern Conference.

As for the team's name, this franchise had to change its name in 1997 because its former name, the Bullets, carried a violent connotation (during the 1990s, Washington DC was dubbed the "murder capital" of the United States).
I never would have guessed the Washington Wizards would be at the top of the Eastern Conference at this point in the season. Gilbert Arenas has been on fire; he dropped 50 points again!
by KGthaMastah January 24, 2007
former Baltimore/Washington Bullets; won an NBA championship in the '70s; haven't made the playoffs since '96; used to have Jordan, but sucked cause he was a 1-man team
The Wizards blow
by 0000 October 20, 2003
what a surprise! they suck even worse w/o Jordan!
the wizards! they suck!
by Craiggers March 29, 2004
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