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Buying an item of clothing, wearing it for a while, and returning it in a such a state that the store has to accept it but can no longer resell it. Used in the "Predictably Irrational" book by Dan Ariely.
- Do you spend a lot of money on buying clothes?
- Not really. Me and girlfriend, we used to actually save a lot of money since we do wardrobing.
by AlexShatter August 21, 2010
The act of keeping a girl restrained in one's wardobe or similarly out of sight area to friends for use as a sexual plaything against said girl's will.
"What happened to Sophie?"
"Last time I saw her, she was making out with Martyn"
"Maybe he wardobed her her!"
"That would explain why he wouldn't let me see into his closet..."
"Haha he's wardrobing her... sick bastard"
by wingsulli February 18, 2010
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