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15 definitions by street smeg

unknown composition of ditritus and gunge left on much used keyboards/mouse usually @ work- what is it? and where did it come from? is it known to science yet?
Fuk me there's so much qwerty smeg on that keyboard I can't see the letters.
Or - the mouse won't work properly coz it's blocked with qwerty smeg
by street smeg May 05, 2005
Very ugly girl - so ugly she would curdle your sperm.
1st dude -"look at that sperm curdler over there - wouldn't touch that without serious beer goggles"
2nd dude -"Fuckin moose man - too right"
by street smeg May 06, 2005
Large young lady struttin the town on saturday night (usually with grey thong exposed at back and belly hanging out - tatoo's optional)
Wow man look at that slab cracker - too much Maccy Dee's
by street smeg May 05, 2005
unknown composition gunge left on floor and shoes after rave/warehouse party - Raindance massive will remember
"back to mine for a chillout yea?" "mind the carpet u got rave smeg on your trainers"
by street smeg May 05, 2005
To have a piss

This is the person on the garden make-over show on BBC who got to create the water feature - hence pissing
In the pub.
'Mate just off for a Charlie Dimmock - that last pint has sent me kidneys into overdrive'
by street smeg November 15, 2005
A blue sky with fluffy white clouds as per the much loved Fox cartoon (even if they did dump Futurama - bastards).
Michael Fish watch out.
"Hey man check out of the window - it's a Simpsons Sky"
by street smeg May 06, 2005
what's going on behind the eyes
by street smeg May 07, 2005