Justin Timberlake's cop-out of an excuse for what happened to Janet Jackson
Hey it's not my fault...it was just a wardrobe malfunction. - J.T.
by Me'Chelle May 27, 2004
The 'accidental' revelation of cleavage on national television. for you dumbasses out there, "When dat bitch showed dem tittays on da tv yo"
Thats what you get when you let MTV run the halftime show. greedy corporate bastards.
by Max May 11, 2004
1. A term, recently used akin to stereotypes of "Boy Band" icons such as Justin Timberlake, to describe the falure to "Come out of the Closet" due to having your penis caught in the hamper.
2. The event which causes "slack time" between the time A Wardrobe crashed, the formatting of the wardrobe, and the re-installation of windows for wardrobes. Evident by the Wardrobe producing articles of clothing with one missing breast-support.
Boy band Icon Justin Timberlake was one again victim of a Wardrobe Malfunction.
by Wildfire/Psylink March 13, 2004
Definition of bad censorship.
If I had a penny for every censor that was caught with their pants down, I could buy Jentet Jackson a shirt that Justin Timberlake can't rip.
by army_azn February 10, 2005
1. (noun) Lame excuse given by CBS after showing a nasty saggy 50 year old tittie on TV. Nobody needed to see that. Nobody.
Janet's wardrobe malfunction was just plain odd
by Utz89 August 19, 2004
According to Janet Jackson it's not her fault,it's not Justin Timberlake's fault,it's BUSH's fault!!
"Bush done popped my titty out" - Janet Jackson
by smokin' da shpleaf mon September 10, 2004
1. When a guy gets his dick caught in the zipper of his pants.

2. When a guy gets caught masturbating at a movie theater.
1. "There is something about Mary" (The Movie)

2. Ask Peewee Herman
by Dr. Sardonicus March 21, 2004

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